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Best Practices for Saving Money, Water & Energy!

  First, the most obvious, use showers more often than baths and don’t let the water run while brushing your teeth…. but of course you already knew that. Here’s one thing you should never overlook, a leaky faucet. You should fix leaking faucets right away. Leaks can waste gallons of water quickly without you even noticing…

An HVAC system is much like a car, it requires proper maintenance to run at top performance. They run all season long and in most cases all year long, First for Heating then for Cooling. If they aren’t regularly ( Twice a year, one time per season) & properly maintenanced you can expect to pay higher energy costs due to the system trying to run as it should, had it been cleaned and tuned up as instructed at time of purchase and it is more likely to have problems that could have been prevented.
There are more benefits in purchasing a pre-planned maintenance agreement than you may initially consider, (depending on the contractor offering the maintenance) Reliable Tech offers an appointment reminder (so it’s one less thing you have to worry about forgetting) We also offer spacial discounts on products & services for our maintenance members and they are always top priority whenever they make an appointment.These can be considered as tokens of our gratitude in return for their loyalty. 

So a quick recap on why purchasing a pre-planned maintenance is a Great idea

  1.  Simplifies HVAC Maintenance
  2.  Adds to system Longevity and efficiency
  3. Special Discounts

“Our Clients  Our priority!”

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